Early Fall LSAT Disappointment?

So that August LSAT didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. It’s really going to be okay, I promise. This is not the end of your life or even your law school plans. Let me tell you why, and what you might want to do next.

Your first step is to make a rational decision about a possible retake —if you’re already scheduled for October, you have you have until this Sunday, September 12th, at 11:59 pm to cancel your registration for a full refund (you can cancel later but you’ll only get $50 back). If you are not registered for October, you have until Wednesday, September 29th to register for November. (Note that if you’re signed up for October, but are thinking of making that a November test instead, you face the same deadline and will be charged a full additional test... read more »

Welcome to Fall 2021!

It’s really happening — we’re really all back here in Amherst! Hard to believe, but I’m so happy to see it and to see all of you soon. (The added traffic in town is a little more difficult to adjust to after a year and a half, but well worth it!)

As we launch into the semester, I’ve got a few notes to share here about advising meetings, student groups of interest to pre-laws, upcoming events, and things to be thinking about based on where you find yourself in your pre-law journey, so let’s jump in.

Advising meetings

You can schedule a meeting with me any time through the Navigate system — MTuTh, 9am - 3pm. You’ll see there’s an option for virtual or in-person — either works for me, so it’s really up to you. If we... read more »

Law-related classes for Fall 2021

Every semester, we provide this list of the amazing array of law-related and law-adjacent courses that might be of interest to students considering legal careers. Some of these courses are squarely focused on the law. Others are more in the nature of background learning that will help you more deeply understand the law and its place in our world. These 100+ courses can be found in over 30 different departments across 9 different colleges and schools at the University—and this is not even including the courses offered at the other four colleges in the area (which are not listed here). It’s not just that the law touches every aspect of our lives and your studies, but that every area of study can support your eventual legal career. So think broadly as you consider which courses to take while you’re here at UMass, and rest assured that you will find... read more »

Financing Law School: The Recording

If you missed the March 3rd workshop on Financing Law School with Boston University School of Law Director of Financial Aid Cheryl Constantine, we’ve got it right here. Or most of it—the first couple of minutes are cut off in this video—apologies for that.

View the recording here.

read more »

The New LSAT “Score Preview” - Is It Worth the Extra Money?

On July 9, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) announced a new “score preview” service. Beginning with the August 29, 2020 test, first-time test takers will be allowed to see their scores before deciding whether to keep or cancel them. But there’s a catch: the score preview service costs an additional $45, if elected before test day (or before the first test day for LSAT-Flex administrations), and $75 if elected after (the first) test day. Test-takers with an approved fee-waiver from LSAC will not be charged the additional fee for the service.

So the question is, is it worth the extra $45? On the one hand, considering all the money you’re going to pay for the application process (at a minimum: $200 LSAT + $195 CAS + $45/school + each school’s application fee), you might have a tendency to think, what’s another $45? And if you’re in a position where that $45 is no big... read more »

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