Law-related courses: Fall 2017

It’s Fall 2017 course registration time! Here are some law-related courses you might find interesting, as well as a bunch of caveats to keep in mind.

First off:

There is nothing you MUST do as an undergrad in order to prepare for law school – no required classes or majors, no magic extracurricular activities.

Study what you love, pursue your passions, explore your interests.

You’ll find pages of info on undergraduate preparation for law school right here. 


Beyond studying what you love, the most important things you can do in the classroom to enhance your eventual application to law school are the following:

  • Learn how to be a good writer – take classes in which you’ll write a lot and get good feedback on your writing.
  • Maintain a strong GPA.... read more »

Meet the Lawyers of Meet the Law - Spring 2017

This semester’s Meet the Law speed-networking event with UMass Amherst lawyer-alums features a great group of attorneys in diverse areas of law. Check them out below, mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 28th from 6pm to 8pm in the CHC Events Hall, and don’t forget to register here. Most fun and informative networking event of the spring.

Colin Black (Legal Studies ‘93, Suffolk Law ‘01) Partner, Donovan Hatem Employment litigation, lawyer professional development Brett Blank (Political Science ‘05, Western New England Law ‘09) Assistant General Counsel, Mass. Executive Office of Health & Human Services Litigation, healthcare and non-profit regulation

Lillian Chukwurah (Legal Studies ‘12, New England Law ‘15) Principal, Lilly Legal Immigration and family law

Chase Liu (History ‘04, Northeastern Law) Founder & Managing Attorney, ArkSwan Legal Advising business start-ups

Carole Sakowski Lynch (Political Science ‘80, Western New England Law ‘87) Partner, Morrison Mahoney Employment, discrimination, municipal law... read more »

December LSAT disappointment? Read this first.

The December 2016 LSAT scores are out and some of your are no doubt disappointed. Your array of options is clear, even if which one to choose is murkier:

1. Apply now with your current score. 2. Retake in February and apply at that time. 3. Apply now, but retake in February in the hopes that either your application won’t be reviewed before then, or that the law schools will reconsider your admission/scholarship determination with your new score. 4. Wait ‘til next year (or later).

NOTE that options 2 and 3 aren’t on the table if you didn’t already sign up for February—it’s too late to sign up now. The first step in considering each of these options is deciding whether a retake (in February or next cycle) makes sense for you.

So let’s first honestly assess what happened with this test administration:<... read more »

Last minute LSAT tips—December 2016 edition

This is it - the December LSAT, this coming Saturday! I’m sending out best wishes to all of you taking the test, as well as these tips for the last week.

  • First off, it’s time to taper off from studying —  there’s not much more that studying and/or practice can do for you now except make you more stressed out and tired. Rather, it’s time to get your mind and body in shape.
  • No more alcohol for the week! (yes, that includes “Thirsty Thursday”!)
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Eat well (but nothing you haven’t tried before that might upset your stomach). Have breakfast Saturday morning, and bring a snack for the break. Don’t forget to hydrate — this is a physical endurance event almost as much as a mental one, and your body needs... read more »

Law-related courses: Spring 2017

UMass has a large number of courses that deal with law in some significant way. But how do you find them? Right here. I’ve gone through SPIRE to discover them so you don’t have to.

Some important caveats:

  • Enrolling in law-related classes is NOT a prerequisite for getting into law school—law school admission committees do not care whether you take law courses in college.
  • The list below can help you sample law in the classroom, but remember that the study of law is very different from the practice of law.
  • This is NOT a complete list of all courses that touch on or provide background for understanding legal issues, only those most directly related to law. It is also limited to those classes offered at UMass (and not the other local colleges) this Fall.
  • This... read more »
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