COVID-19 and Law School Applications - UPDATED 1/21

The COVID pandemic and the response to it continue to impact various aspects of the law school admissions process. This post is updated regularly with new information and new questions (and answers), but remember that events are moving VERY fast these days, and circumstances are changing all the time. When in doubt, double-check the info to make sure it’s up to date. Don’t hesitate to contact individual law schools for the most accurate info about their own admissions process.

What about the LSAT?

NOTE: LSAC is updating this page regularly as new information emerges or as plans change.

UPDATED 1/21/21: While we know that all remaining LSATs through April 2021 (February, and April) will be in the online LSAT-Flex format, we probably won’t know what the next cycle (beginning June 2021) will look like until late February or early March 2021. We will update... read more »

November LSAT disappointment - what’s next?

Receiving disappointing November LSAT news two days before a pandemically-circumscribed Thanksgiving can feel like a one-two punch. I’ve got some suggestions for thinking through your next steps that will hopefully (re)instill an attitude of gratitude for you.

Your first step is to make a rational decision about a possible retake —you have until Wednesday, December 2nd to register for the January 16th test. So let’s step through that decision. But first, a little context in terms of timing: the January scores won’t come out until February 3rd which, while still early enough to meet every school’s deadline, is pretty late in a rolling admissions cycle in which law schools have been filling up their entering classes for several weeks already (and will continue to do so over the next couple of months). It’s also important to note that applicant volume is... read more »

Spring 2021 Law-related courses

Every semester, we provide this list of the amazing array of law-related and law-adjacent courses that might be of interest to students considering legal careers. Some of these courses are squarely focused on the law. Others are more in the nature of background learning that will help you more deeply understand the law and its place in our world. These 100+ courses can be found in over 30 different departments across 9 different colleges and schools at the University—and this is not even including the courses offered at the other four colleges (which are not listed here). It’s not just that the law touches every aspect of our lives and your studies, but that every area of study can support your eventual legal career. So think broadly as you consider which courses to take while you’re here at UMass, and rest assured that you will find something of value... read more »

Welcome to Fall 2020!

Welcome to Fall 2020, where campus is a little bit everywhere and it’s not REALLY Fall yet, but we’re all going to do our best to make this crazy thing work.

I don’t want to pretend that any of this is normal or how any of us would want it to be. But I do want to make you this promise: even though I won’t get to see you in person until Spring 2021, I am still “here” for you: by phone or Zoom for one-on-one appointments, in a large number of Zoom meetings/webinars/workshops/hangs over the course of the semester, by email whenever you have a question, and on a bunch of social media platforms. We’ll make the most of connecting via these other methods until we can be in a face-to-face world once... read more »

“Visiting” law schools during COVID Fall

An important part of the law school application process is learning more about the various schools – both before you apply, and once you’re admitted. But this Fall, there will be no big law school forums or fairs where you can chat briefly with a bunch of different admissions officials. No law school reps will be visiting the UMass campus. And visits to law schools will be severely limited, with only a handful of schools planning to host prospective students. So how do you learn more about the schools, connect with admissions officials and other law school personnel, and make informed decisions about where to apply?

There’s some good news here: you get to meet with folks and learn more about the law schools without ever having to set foot in a large, overcrowded, noisy convention hall! Instead, law school admissions offices are getting creative, developing... read more »

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