Amherst College starts new undergraduate law journal

From the Pre-Law inbox:

Amherst College has started a new undergraduate law journal.

Res Publica Undergraduate Law Journal was founded in an effort to promote

scholarship in the field of law in the liberal arts. The mission of Res

Publica is to bring the best traditions of the contemporary humanities to

bear on the most difficult and urgent juridical problems of our time. With

the saturation of everyday life by modern science and technology, the

increasingly global and unequal flow of culture, capital, commodities and

populations across nation-state boundaries, the transformation and even

crisis of the basic concepts of modern law and politics, the worldwide

recognition of human rights and the dismaying consistency of human rights

abuses, and the constant depiction of law in diverse traditions of popular

culture, literature, and film, we are faced with a host of new, troubling,

and intriguing questions about law that cannot be fully posed, much less

answered, within the narrow horizons of conventional legal training and/or

the traditional social sciences.


As such, we are looking for substantial submissions from undergraduate

students interested in the field of law and the liberal arts.


This provides a great opportunity for undergraduates to get published.


Our website is: