Another reality check on legal careers

This article from Ari Kaplan, published in the National Law Journal, doesn’t just analyze why so many people go to law school without thoroughly researching their choice (especially the financial impacts).  He goes further to examine some of the traits of the truly successful lawyers—and it has nothing to do with which school you attend or even how high in your law school class you are ranked.  Instead, he showcases some characteristics that I have often observed among UMass students:

eing a hustler (which I mean in the most positive sense) is typically of greater importance than grades and experience. If you commit to creatively hustling your way into a job opportunity, you will be better positioned than your classmates.

Kaplan goes on to explain just what he means, in some detail, about what constitutes “hustling”—it has everything to do with motivation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and taking the initiative.


So for right now, you need to take the initiative to do your research.  Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into by going to law school.  And if you go (even if you don’t!), you’ll need the go-getter skills that UMass is so good at developing.  In the world, just as at UMass, there are countless opportunities available to you.  But they don’t generally get delivered to your door—you have to seek them out on your own.