Best majors for law school? All of them

You’ve probably already heard me say (or you’ve read on this website) that there’s no magic major to get into law school.  The fact that I get to say, “study what you love!” over and over again is one of the best parts of my job.  But maybe you don’t believe me—maybe you want to hear it from the admissions officers themselves.  Well, Law School Podcaster has done you the favor of gathering admissions officials from some of the most selective law schools to tell you the exact same thing, albeit in much greater detail, and with statistics and stuff

Associate Dean for Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, Ann Perry, says there isn’t one major in particular that will help you prepare for the LSAT.  Perry sees and accepts a variety of majors.  “I’ve admitted into the law school here music majors, math majors, political science majors, engineering majors, biology majors, accounting majors, philosophy majors.  So, there’s a lot of majors represented in the law schools across the country.”

Select a major you’ll do well in, and enjoy.  That, from USC Dean of Admissions Chloe Reid.  She agrees with Dean Perry that all majors are welcome.  Most are political science, English, history, communications, journalism, engineer[ing], art and music majors.  “One of the things that we always stress with students is that you want to major in something, or at least take coursework in areas that you know are going to be used in law school.  And so, law school is all about reading and digesting material.  And it’s all about writing, and logical reasoning.  So, taking some logic classes would be great, even if you are the art major.  Certainly taking writing courses that give you an opportunity to engage in expository writing is important.  And then, you know, some reading classes that help you understand, you know, how to compare information.”

It is well worth your time to listen to (or read the transcript of) the entire podcast.