Call Me Maybe

You’re working on your law school applications, and you run into some kind of ambiguity: does the law school want three pages of personal statement (as per the LSAC application instructions) or “no more than two pages” (as per the law school’s FAQ page)? Do they want an employer recommendation if you’ve only been at the job two months? What if you can’t find your SAT scores? When it says “serious moving violations” in the character and fitness section, does that include a ticket for driving in the passing lane?

How are you going to find out the answer to these pressing questions?  Call the law school’s admission office. 

You could call me (maybe)—or more likely, email me.  But in cases like those above, I’m very likely not going to know the answer, and in any case, I’m only a secondary authority. Each law school’s admission office is the primary authority on its application processes.  Call them up.  Or, okay, send an email.  But a call is likely to garner you a quicker response.

Moreover, it’s a useful information-gathering exercise.  How helpful is the office in answering your question?  Are they friendly or are they surly and off-putting? This is good stuff to know as you make your decision about which law school to attend.  Make a note of your interactions.

And be certain that the law school folks are making notes of the interactions with you. Be professional. Always. 

But don’t take your time with the call.