Contemplating the February LSAT?

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Tomorrow (Jan. 11th) is the deadline for registering for the February 12th LSAT.  If you are considering taking that test, keep a few things in mind.

First, if this will be a retake, re-read the general information and cautions about retakes as well as my October post on whether to take the LSAT a second time. February retake data, for whatever reason, can be even bleaker than the more general data.  Of last February’s UMass retakers, as many students saw their scores go down as go up, and an additional handful saw no change at all.  Let me restate that: For those applicants whose February 2010 test was a retake, they were more likely to get the same or a lower score than they were to get a higher score.  (This was not true for prior February tests.)


Second, if you are applying for Fall 2011 admission, please understand that a February LSAT puts you VERY late in the admission cycle.  Some of the most selective schools do not even accept the February exam for this admission cycle, and many schools recommend strongly against it. By March (when your score will be available), almost all schools have largely filled their classes.  Waitlists and rejections abound.


Third, there is no downside to putting off your application to law school for another year, and many potential advantages:  Apply early in the Fall with a February (or June) score.  Make some money (you’ll need it).  Get some experience in a law-related job (if you haven’t already).


Bottom line: if you’re thinking of taking the February LSAT, you should also be thinking of applying next year rather than this year.