Criminal Justice Internships

From the Department of Sociology:

Interested in a Criminal Justice Internship for Spring 2012 or beyond?

Start planning NOW- Sheriff Garvey, director of CJ internships is meeting with interested students on Tuesdays from 3-5pm in Thompson Hall room 732.

Recent placements have been in:

- The Hampshire County Jail and House of Correction: security and treatment placements
- Probation: District, Superior, and Juvenile Courts
- Local District Attorney’s office
- Police Departments
- Department of Youth Services

And many more! Many internships are locally placed but Sheriff Garvey has also placed students around the country- especially in Boston and Washington D.C.

Don’t wait! See Sheriff Garvey on Tuesdays.

(if you can’t make a Tuesday meeting, send an e-mail to and we will help you get in touch.)