Current applicants: Your December to-do list

I’ve come up with a little to-do list for those of you currently in the application process.  Let’s be clear: this is no time for procrastination.  I’ve already heard from several applicants who have not only completed their applications, but received offers of admission. If you haven’t finished up, you need to get on this now. If you took the December LSAT, you have until those scores come out—the first week of January.  If you took an earlier LSAT, your deadline is yesterday, but really as soon as possible.  Give yourself a good holiday by getting your applications wrapped up before it’s time to gather with family and friends (and before those December LSAT-takers get their apps in).

#1: Don’t neglect your finals. If you’re still in school, this semester’s grades matter quite a bit.  So focus and do well this coming week on your exams and your final papers. 

#2: Before you leave Amherst… Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation.  Get those requests in now.  Make sure your recommenders have all the paperwork they need.  You’ll have to catch them quick before they leave for the break.  Nobody wants to work on your applications over the holidays.  Help them get it done before they take off. If your recommenders have everything they need, give them a polite and respectful nudge. 

#3: If you retook the LSAT in December, notify each school to wait for the new score before reviewing your application. If you don’t do this, they will consider your application complete, and review it based on the existing score on record.

#4: Get your financial house in order. Come January, it’s time to turn to the financial aid applications.  You’ll need this year’s taxes, so make sure you’ve got everything you need.  The early bird gets more scholarship money.

#5: Seek help now. If you need something from LSAC, remember that they’re closed between Christmas and New Year’s.  So is the Pre-Law Advising Office, but I am available before and after that week.  I’ll have some semblance of my regular hours during finals week (listed down there at the bottom of this page) and after that, I’m available by appointment (in person or by phone) and, of course, by email. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, big or small.