Fall 2019 Law-related Courses at UMass

SOOOOO many law-related course offerings for Fall 2019! But remember:

There is nothing you MUST do as an undergrad in order to prepare for law school – no required classes or majors, no magic extracurricular activities.

Study what you love, pursue your passions, explore your interests.

You’ll find pages of info on undergraduate preparation for law school right here


Beyond studying what you love, the most important things you can do in the classroom to enhance your eventual application to law school are the following:

  • Learn how to be a good writer – take classes in which you’ll write a lot and get good feedback on your writing.
  • Maintain a strong GPA.  Studying what you love will make this much easier.
  • Get to know your professors.  They’re an amazing resource, and the more they know about you, the better their eventual letters of recommendation can be.

Enrolling in law-related classes is NOT a prerequisite for getting into law school, but it may help you decide if law is the right path for you.

The list below can help you sample law in the classroom. This is NOT a complete list of all courses that touch on or provide background for understanding legal issues, only those most directly related to law, policy, and/or justice, or which provide critical relevant background for understanding law. It is also limited to those classes offered at UMass Amherst (and not the other local colleges) this Fall. This list also does NOT indicate availability – classes may be full (check SPIRE). This list is in addition to ALL of the courses in the Legal Studies major\ (Did we miss a class? Let us know!)

General Education classes (GenEd designation in parentheses)

AFROAM 132—African-American History 1619-1860 (DU HS)
AFROAM 236—History of the Civil Rights Movement (DU HS)

ANIMLSCI 260—Animal Care & Welfare (SI)

ANTHRO 105H - Language, Culture and Communication, Honors (DG SB)

COMM 286 - Race, Inequality and Representation (SB)

ECON 105—Intro to Political Economy (DU SB)

EDUC 115—Embracing Diversity (DU I)
EDUC 390J - Become an Ethical Leader (SB)

HISTORY 121 - Modern Latin America (DG HS)
HISTORY 150, 151—US History (HS)
HISTORY 170 - Indigenous Peoples of North America (DU HS)
HISTORY 220 - Capitalism and its Alternatives in Latin America (DG HS)
HISTORY 242H - American Family in Historical Perspectives, Honors (DU HS)
HISTORY 253H - Asian-Pacific American History: 1850 - Present, Honors (DU HS)
HISTORY 260 - Power and Violence in South Africa (HS)
HISTORY 264 - History of Health Care and Medicine in the U.S. (DU HS)
HISTORY 383 - American Environmental History (HS)
HISTORY 389 - US Women’s History Since 1890 (DU HS)

HONORS 390EH - Junior Year Common Experience: How the 1960s Changed America (DU SB)

JOURNAL 250 - News Literacy (DU SB)

PHIL 105 - Practical Reasoning (R2)
PHIL 110—Introduction to Logic (R2)
PHIL 160—Introduction to Ethics (AT)
PHIL 163 - Business Ethics (AT)
PHIL 164—Medical Ethics (AT)
PHIL 170—Problems in Social Thought (SB)

POLISCI 162 - Intro to Constitutional Law (SB)
POLISCI 171 - Introduction to Political Theory (SB)
POLISCI 181 - Controversies in Public Policy (DU SB)
POLISCI 252 - Globalization, Governance, and World Order (DG SB)

PUBHLTH 129—Healthcare for All (DU SB)

RESECON 162—Consumer in Society (SB)

SOCIOL 103—Social Problems (DU SB)
SOCIOL 106—Race, Gender, Class and Ethnicity (DU SB)
SOCIOL 204 - Labor & The Global Economy (SB)
SOCIOL 222 - The Family (DU SB)
SOCIOL 223 - Work And Society (DU SB)
SOCIOL 224 - Social Class and Inequality (DU SB)
SOCIOL 242 – Drugs & Society (DU SB)

SPP 110 - Transforming Your World: Introduction to Community Engagement (DU SB)

SRVCLRNG 293 - Learning Through Community Engagement (DU SB)

STPEC 189 - Introduction to Radical Social Theory (DG HS)

WGSS 187—Gender, Sexuality and Culture (DU I)
WGSS 290B - Introduction to Sexuality and Trans Studies: Movements for Justice in the Contemporary World (DG SB)
WGSS 290C - History of Sexuality and Race in the US (DG SB)

Upper-Level Classes (not Gen Eds)

Prerequisites may apply and/or courses may be restricted to declared majors. 

ACCOUNTG 371 - Individual Taxation
ACCOUNTG 441 - Auditing
ACCOUNTG 472—Corporate Taxation

AFROAM 293B—The African Diaspora & the War on Drugs

ANTHRO 297MR - Forensics: Myth and Reality
ANTHRO 386 - Critical Pedagogy and Academic Peer Facilitation

BCT 353 - Construction Project Management

COMM 122 - Introduction to Media Industries and Institutions
COMM 339 - Media and Public Policy
COMM 394EI - Performance and the Politics of Race
COMM 397DD - Introduction to Argumentation, Deliberation and Dialogue
COMM 397SS - Youth, Democracy and the Entertainment Industry

COMPSCI 391L - Computer Crime Law: Technologies of Investigation and Privacy

ECON 308 - Political Economy of the Environment
ECON 330—Labor in the American Economy
ECON 394IO - Industrial Organization
ECON 394LI - Law and Economics
ECON 397WP - ST-Wellbeing, Inequality, and Poverty
ECON 499C - Honors Thesis- Social Values and Public Decisions: Philosophical & Economic Perspectives

ENGLISH 388 - Rhetoric, Writing, and Society
ENGLISH 494JI - Going to Jail: Incarceration in US Literature and Culture

ENVIRSCI 213 - Introduction to Environmental Policy

GEOGRAPH 372 - Urban Issues
GEOGRAPH 440 - Political Geography
GEOGRAPH 497C - Special Topics- Climate Crisis

HISTORY 358 - Immigration and Migration in US History
HISTORY 361 - Amer Revolution Era
HISTORY 363 – Civil War Era
HISTORY 364 - Gender and Race in US Social Policy History
HISTORY 397RL - Special Topics- Rape Law: Gender, Race, (In)justice
HISTORY 397U - History of Youth in America: 1865 - Present
HISTORY 397WL - Special Topics- Women and the Law
HISTORY 491MMH - Seminar- Mass Migrations in the Middle East

HONORS 390EH - Junior Year Common Experience: How the 1960s Changed America
HONORS 499CA - Bioterrorism: Interdisciplinary Perspective on International, Political & Scientific Challenges
HONORS 499C - Honors Thesis- Debating Globalization
HONORS 499CG - Honors Thesis- American Struggles: Immigration and Mass Incarceration

HT-MGT 320—Hospitality and Tourism Law
HT-MGT 353 - Risk & Sanitation Management

JOURNAL 380 - African-American Freedom Struggle and the Press
JOURNAL 445 - Journalism & Law

MANAGMNT 260—Intro to [Business] Law
MANAGMNT 314 - Human Resource Management
MANAGMNT 361—Contracts in Business Relationships

NRC 490S - Sustainable Systems: Evaluating Local Solutions

PHIL 400 - Logic and Language

POLISCI 320 - Public Administration
POLISCI 356—International Law
POLISCI 360—Constitutional Law
POLISCI 364 - Gender and Race in US Social Policy History
POLISCI 383 - Energy Policy
POLISCI 388 - Corporate Lobbying and the Global Economy
POLISCI 391E—Rules of War
POLISCI 391PC - Immigration: Politics and Policy
POLISCI 397GC - Special Topics- Gender, Conflict, and Security

PSYCH 391ER - Seminar- Climate Change and Social Conflict
PSYCH 391FT - Seminar- Foster Care: Psychological and Societal Perspectives
PSYCH 395A - S- Adoption Seminar of the Adoption Mentoring Partnership
PSYCH 480 - Intellectual Disability: Concepts and Controversies

PUBHLTH 389 - Health Inequities
PUBHLTH 490G - Race, Public Health, and Policy
PUBHLTH 490M - The Opioid Epidemic
PUBHLTH 490W - Water, Culture & Public Health
PUBHLTH 499N - Honors Project- Public Policy and Citizen Action

RES-ECON 453 – Public Policy and Private Markets

SCH-MGMT 333 - Principles of Real Estate
SCH-MGMT 350 - Professional Ethics in Contemporary Society

SOCIOL 241 – Criminology
SOCIOL 248 - Conformity and Deviance
SOCIOL 283 – Gender & Society
SOCIOL 297S - Special Topics- Sports, Labor, and Social Justice
SOCIOL 330 - Asian Americans and Inequalities
SOCIOL 344 - Gender And Crime
SOCIOL 345 – Juvenile Delinquency
SOCIOL 397MC - Special Topics- Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
SOCIOL 492P - S-Civil Resistance and Social Change
SOCIOL 597SD - Special Topics- Social Democracy, Socialism, and the US Welfare State

SPP 320 - Public Administration
SPP 397M - Special Topics- Making a Difference: Policies & Strategies for Social Change

SPRTMGT 335—Sport Law

STOCKSCH 355 - Community Food Systems

WGSS 201 - Gender and Difference: Critical Analyses
WGSS 230 - Politics of Reproduction
WGSS 301 - Theorizing Gender, Race, and Power
WGSS 391A - Seminar- Rape and Representation
WGSS 393L - Seminar- LGBTQ Politics and Postcolonialism