I’m taking the October LSAT—what should I be doing right now?

1. LSAT prep. These last few weeks are critical, and study and practice for the LSAT must remain your number one priority.  (But don’t forget to taper during that last week—no practice tests after 9/27!)  If you haven’t taken a full-length timed practice test yet, you’re behind and you should do so immediately.  Remember that you want the entire test experience to be very familiar to you when you walk in the door on October 1st. If you’re considering rescheduling until December, let’s talk—email me for an appointment so we can discuss your options.

2. Get some things off your plate and onto someone else’s. In particular, get your recommenders working on your letters of recommendation and get your transcript request into the Registrar’s office. (IMPORTANT: You CANNOT request your transcript on SPIRE—you MUST request it in person or by mail.)  You can keep studying for the LSAT while your recommenders and the Registrar’s office are working for you.

3. Review the Application Check List to get a sense of what’s ahead in October. It’s all manageable, but it’s good to know ahead of time what you’ll be working on after the LSAT is over.  Do not worry yet about your personal statement and other materials—you’ll have time for those after the LSAT.  Keep your focus on the LSAT right now.

4. Schedule a meeting with the Pre-Law Advisor. If you haven’t met with me yet, a meeting might help reduce some of your stress.  If you just have a few questions, don’t hesitate to email me.