Interview with Brian Leiter, law school rankings maven

I won’t hesitate to give you the most important take-away from this interview:

Anyone who thinks that “top 14” demarcates a relevant category of law schools has already made a mistake!


... but it’s worth reading the rest of the interview as well.


Brian Leiter is a professor at the University of Chicago School of Law who makes a hobby of dissecting the law school rankings and providing alternatives.  In my opinion, he still focuses a bit too much on the schools with the best reputations for scholarship (rather than, say, job placement or even excellence in training practicing lawyers), but he also provides an invaluable analysis of the rankings and how schools game the system.


(I should add that this interview was with, a site I usually warn people away from.  If you click away from the interview, please note that the discussion forums on this site are rife with enormous amounts of misinformation, traded at high speed by stressed out applicants.  That said, other portions of the site can be very helpful, apart from the implicit message that so-called “top” law schools are better than all of the others.  You’ve been warned.)


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