Is your Facebook profile part of your law school application?

Maybe.  According to a recent article in the National Jurist, at least 15% of law school admissions officers check applicants’ Facebook pages as part of the application evaluation process. (I say “at least” because of the way the survey question was phrased, asking officers if they “personally” had checked an applicant’s social networking page—honestly, if I were an admissions officer, I probably wouldn’t do it “personally,” but would farm the work out to an assistant or student worker.)

[O]f those 15 percent, more than half (52 per cent) said that what they did see impacted the applicant negatively.

So what’s the takeaway? Review your FB privacy settings NOW and limit the availability of all your information to just your friends.  If you’re going to keep things public, remember that “public” includes law schools (and employers) and post accordingly.

Most importantly, if you’ve got a disciplinary or arrest record (that may or may not be on your Facebook), disclose it on your application. The record itself is unlikely to keep you out of law school, but failing to disclose it may.