Law-related courses: Spring 2017

UMass has a large number of courses that deal with law in some significant way. But how do you find them? Right here. I’ve gone through SPIRE to discover them so you don’t have to.

Some important caveats:

  • Enrolling in law-related classes is NOT a prerequisite for getting into law schoollaw school admission committees do not care whether you take law courses in college.
  • The list below can help you sample law in the classroom, but remember that the study of law is very different from the practice of law.
  • This is NOT a complete list of all courses that touch on or provide background for understanding legal issues, only those most directly related to law. It is also limited to those classes offered at UMass (and not the other local colleges) this Fall.
  • This list is in addition to ALL of the courses in the Legal Studies major.
  • Unless otherwise noted, upper level courses (300 and 400) are NOT appropriate for freshmen. Check course descriptions and enrollment requirements.
  • This list does NOT indicate availability – classes may be full (check SPIRE).
  • Is there a course I’m missing, or did I make a mistake with one of these? Please let me know, and I’ll update the list.

General Education classes (GenEd designation in parentheses)

AFROAM 133 - African-American History, Civil War-1954 (HS U)
AFROAM 161 - Introduction to AfroAmerican Political Science (SB U)
AFROAM 236—History of the Civil Rights Movement (HS U)

ANTHRO 205 – Inequality and Oppression (SB)

BIOLOGY 105 —Biology of Social Issues (BS)

ECON 144H—Political Economy of Race (SB U) (Honors)

EDUC 115—Embracing Diversity (I U)
EDUC 276 – How We Form and Maintain Erroneous Beliefs (R2)

HISTORY 150/151—US History (HS U)
HISTORY 154—Social Change in the 1960s (HS U)
HISTORY 242H – American Family in Historical Perspective (HS U) (Honors)
HISTORY 389 – US Women’s History since 1890 (HS U)
HISTORY 390E - Imperial America: US and World 1898-Now (HS)

HONORS 321H - Violence in American Culture (SB U)
HONORS 322H - Criminal Law and Justice in the US (SB U)

NRC 185 - Sustainable Living: Solutions for the 21st Century (SI)
PHIL 105 – Practical Reasoning (R2)
PHIL 110—Introduction to Logic (R2)
PHIL 160—Introduction to Ethics (AT)
PHIL 164—Medical Ethics (AT)
PHIL 170—Problems in Social Thought (SB)

POLISCI 162 – Intro to Constitutional Law (SB)
POLISCI 181 – Controversies in Public Policy (SB)

PUBHLTH 129—Healthcare for All (SB U)

SOCIOL 103—Social Problems (SB U)
SOCIOL 106—Race, Gender, Class and Ethnicity (SB U)
SOCIOL 290G - Sociology of Globalization and Inequality (SB G)
SOCIOL 224—Social Class and Inequality (SB U)
SOCIOL 242 – Drugs and Society (SB)
SOCIOL 245 – Race and Society (SB U)

Upper-Level Classes (not Gen Eds)

NOT recommended for first years.
Pre-requisites may apply and/or courses may be restricted to declared majors.

ACCOUNTG 371 – Individual Taxation

COMM 397SS - Youth, Democracy and the Entertainment Industry

COMPSCI 365 – Digital Forensics

ECON 311 – Money and Banking
ECON 330 – Labor in the American Economy
ECON 348 – Political Economy of Women
ECON 394FI – Finance and Society
ECON 394IO - Industrial Organizations

EDUC 297A - School to Prison Pipeline: Disability, Diversity, and Delinquency

ENGLISH 494JI - Going to Jail: Incarceration in US Literature and Culture

GEOGRAPH 497R – Rethinking US Land and Water Policy

HISTORY 297E - Immigration & Migration in US History 1877-Present
HISTORY 395S/POLISCI 395S - History of U.S. Social Policy, Politics of Gender, Race, and Class
HISTORY 397AR - American Reconstruction & Reunion
HISTORY 397DC - Diversity and the Constitution
HISTORY 397LEH - Liberation or Equality?: History of LGBT Rights Law (Honors)
HISTORY 397PT - Political Theory and the American Revolution
HISTORY 397RR - History of Reproductive Rights Law
HISTORY 397SCH –Sex and the Supreme Court (Honors)

HONORS 499D - Health and Health Care Inequality in the United States

HT-MGT 320—Hospitality and Tourism Law
HT-MGT 419 - Gaming and Social Policy

INFO 290NW - A Networked World

JOURNAL 425 - The Politics of Sport
JOURNAL 445 – Journalism and Law

MANAGMNT 260—Intro to [Business] Law
MANAGMNT 362 - Law of Enterprise Organization
MANAGMNT 391E - Environmental Law

MILITARY 402 – Military Leadership and Management

NRC 310 – Community Forestry
NRC 409 - Natural Resource Policy & Administration
NRC 590TP - Adapting to Climate Change: Theories, Policy, & Action

PHIL 166 – Environmental Ethics

POLISCI 361— Civil Liberties
POLISCI 365—Bill of Rights and Equal Protection
POLISCI 388 - Corporate Lobbying and the Global Economy
POLISCI 394FI – Family and the State

PUBPADM 497—Social Mission Enterprises

PUBHLTH 389H - Health Inequities with Honors

RES-ECON 362 – Consumer Protection Legislation

SCH-MGMT 397R - Real Estate Principles

SOCIOL 241—Criminology
SOCIOL 283 – Gender and Society
SOCIOL 323 – Sociology of Law
SOCIOL 341 – Social Welfare
SOCIOL 346 – Communities and Crime
SOCIOL 350 – Policing and Surveillance
SOCIOL 397MC – Mass Incarceration in the US
SOCIOL 397PA – Probation and Parole
SOCIOL 461 - Seminar-Race & Racism

SPRTMGT 335—Introduction to Sports Law

STOCKSCH 182 - Principles of Pesticide Mgt

SRVCLRNG 390B - The Boltwood Project: Engaging with the Disabilities Community

WGSS 393B - From Berdaches to Bathroom Bills: Gender Transgressors & their Suppressors in America
WGSS 395N - Seminar- Gender, Nation, and Body Politics