Law school debt and law jobs

Yet another article, this time in the New York Times, telling you what you should already know if you’re a regular reader of this blog: law school is expensive and law jobs are not as plentiful as they once were. Do your homework before you take the plunge. From the article:

Instead of overhauling the rankings, some professors say, the solution may be to get law schools and the bar association out of the stat-collection business. Steven Greenberger of DePaul recommends a mandatory warning — a bit like the labels on cigarette packs — that every student taking the LSAT, the prelaw standardized test, must read.

“Something like ‘Law school tuition is expensive and here is what the actual cost will be, the job market is uncertain and you should carefully consider whether you want to pursue this degree,’ ” he says.  “And it should be made absolutely clear to students, that if they sign up for X amount of debt, their monthly nut will be X in three years.”