Not the end of the world

Perhaps something like this has crossed your mind in the last 48 hours or so:

“Omigod, there’s no way I’m gonna get my applications in by Thanksgiving like the pre-law advisor told me to, and now I’ll never get into law school, and my life is ruined, and I’ll have to wait tables for the rest of eternity, and what am I gonna say to my family over dinner on Thursday?!?”

(It’s like I’m inside your head, isn’t it?  Creepy.)

First: Deep breath.  Maybe two.

Second: remember, that “deadline” is aspirational, not a cliff.  I used to say “December 1st” instead of “Thanksgiving,” but then I thought it’d be nice for at least some of you to actually enjoy the long weekend at home, so I moved it up.  See, it’s arbitrary!  I can change it! 

But I still want you to enjoy your weekend at home with your family.  Even if your applications aren’t done yet.

So, relax.  Get home safely.  Enjoy some good food and family and friends and football.  And the UMass Minuteman Marching Band in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Check out the tips I posted earlier this week for getting the most out of the family gathering.  Reassure your parents that “the pre-law advisor said” it’s okay if your applications aren’t in yet.

And then get back on it when the weekend’s fun is done.  The law schools will still accept your applications after Thanksgiving, and you haven’t ruined your chances of admission (especially in Year Four of declining application volume).  Your goal now is just to get those applications in as soon as possible.  If you’re still in school, you’ve got papers and finals to deal with in the next two weeks too, but you can balance everything.  Get your applications submitted before the December LSAT takers start submitting theirs, and you’ll be fine.

Breathing again?  Good.  Now get out there and be thankful.