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Another reality check on legal careers

This article from Ari Kaplan, published in the National Law Journal, doesn’t just analyze why so many people go to law school without thoroughly researching their choice (especially the financial impacts).  He goes further to examine some of the traits of the truly successful lawyers—and it has nothing...

Just how many law grads become lawyers?

The primary purpose of law school is to train lawyers—that seems to make sense.  But recent data indicate that a surprising number of law school graduates do not end up practicing law straight out of school.  Prof. Brian Tamanaha, who writes frequently about legal education, portrays these...

Paralegal positions at Rich May in Boston

Lawyer-alum Howard Levin, a partner at the Boston law firm Rich May, has passed along to us the job announcement for 3 full-time paralegal positions with his firm.  These are entry-level positions for college grads and are scheduled to start June 3, 2013.  You can find the full position listings here.

Part-time legal advocate position

The Center for Hope and Healing in Lowell, an advocacy organization for survivors of rape and sexual assault, is seeking to hire a part-time legal advocate.  Details here.

Law-related AmeriCorps Program for college grads

The Southeastern Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corp. (SMLAC) is sponsoring 25 annual AmeriCorps positions for college graduates interested in helping provide necessary legal help to poor people, while gaining experience working in law offices.  The positions are distributed throughout Massachusetts, and carry a $15,000 stipend, health benefits, and $4,725 toward the payment of...

The Coming Crash in Legal Education

That’s the title of a new article from University of Baltimore Law Professor Richard Bourne, detailing the long slow train wreck that the combination of the rising costs of legal education and the stagnant-to-receding market for legal jobs has engendered.  Like any train wreck, it’s not a...

UMass Law proposal moves forward

Two committees of the UMass Board of Trustees have voted in favor of the proposal for UMass Dartmouth to take over Southern New England School of Law, and it goes to the full Board next week, on December 10th.  If the full Board approves the proposal, it will go before...

UMass Law School approved

More info here.  Please remember that the school will not seek provisional ABA accreditation until the 2011-2012 school year.  Graduates, therefore, can only seek admission to the bar in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Look for more detailed information about this option soon.

Step away from the rankings

Because they’re bogus. Because they are wildly manipulated by the law schools.   Because they may be destroying legal education.   And because they tell you almost nothing about what you need to know in order to choose a law school that’s right for you.

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