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Are lower ranked schools more innovative than their higher ranked peers?

It seems so, according to this observer.  One of his important points that bears repeating over and over again:  The rankings measure nothing remotely related to innovative or creative legal education methods.  Please keep that in mind as you compile your lists of schools to which you apply.

Why I’m happy UMass Law got accredited

If you’ve followed this blog, read even a little of my website, or just seen a few of the depressing articles I’ve linked to on Facebook, you know I’m not an uncritical booster of law school and legal careers in general.  In fact, I’m pretty...

I’m taking the October LSAT—what should I be doing right now?

1. LSAT prep. These last few weeks are critical, and study and practice for the LSAT must remain your number one priority.  (But don’t forget to taper during that last week—no practice tests after 9/27!)  If you haven’t taken a full-length timed practice test yet, you’re...

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