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UMass Law School approved

More info here.  Please remember that the school will not seek provisional ABA accreditation until the 2011-2012 school year.  Graduates, therefore, can only seek admission to the bar in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Look for more detailed information about this option soon.

Rankings—all about the name?

Imagine a law school ranking in which the University of New Hampshire’s law school outranked Franklin Pierce.  Why would this be funny?  Because UNH is Franklin Pierce—UNH took over the private law school this past fall.  But in a recent survey that included both names, respondents thought that...

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The American Bar Association’s Fund for Legal Education sponsors the Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund.  This is a scholarship intended to encourage racial and ethnic minorities to apply to law school, and awards $5,000 of financial assistance annually to each recipient.  Additional information and the application can be found...

Are lower ranked schools more innovative than their higher ranked peers?

It seems so, according to this observer.  One of his important points that bears repeating over and over again:  The rankings measure nothing remotely related to innovative or creative legal education methods.  Please keep that in mind as you compile your lists of schools to which you apply.

Early numbers: Little change in application volume

From the ABA Journal online: [T]he number of law school applications nationally has risen by less than 1 percent from last year, despite the dismal state of the economy, [according to] communications director Wendy Margolis of the Law School Admission Council.   Read the rest of the article here.   ...

Law school forums: What to know before you go

UPDATED JULY 2018 Should you go to one of the LSAC law school forums? What can you get out of these forums? All your questions are answered below. What does a Law School Forum look like? It’s a large trade fair, basically. Imagine a large room, like the Student Union...

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