Should you bail on the July 2019 LSAT?

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Here’s a question I get before every LSAT administration: my prep’s not going well, and my practice tests aren’t as high as I’d like—should I skip this test and sign up for a later one?

Usually this is a question that requires a more in-depth conversation about the prep experience, the applicant’s resources for multiple tests, what the next few months of their life looks like, and so on. Typically, these are all factors in the decision.

But for July 2019, the answer is easy: NO! Don’t bail! Take the test!

Why? Because you have nothing to lose beyond 3-4 hours of your life on a Monday afternoon.

You get to see your score (in late August) AND then decide whether to cancel it or not.

If you cancel, you get a free retake any time through April 2020.

And you have a 50/50 chance of getting to try out the new digital test format.

So, easy call: take the test.