Summer and fall law firm internships

This just in from local law firm Dunn & Phillips:

The Law Offices of Dunn and Phillips Amherst is currently accepting applicants for both summer and fall positions in our firm. We have 2 opportunities for internships, one as a Legal Intern, and one as a Marketing Intern. Descriptions of the two positions are listed below. If interested in either, please submit your resume, as well as a writing sample to our email:

Legal Intern: The duties of Legal Intern will consist of the following: legal research, drafting documents (motions, affidavits, memos etc…), client interviews, and court observations.

Marketing Intern: the duties of Marketing Intern will consist of the following: maintaining firms social media outlets (facebook, twitter, yelp etc…) with relevant information to promote the firm, developing both a short and long term marketing strategy for the firm for both the internet, as well as traditional marketing methods, and assisting the firm in the promotion of it’s community outreach events such as public workshops, and awareness seminars.