UMass Law School?

The idea of creating a public law school in Massachusetts, last seen in 2005, when it was rejected by the state Board of Higher Education, is back.  The current proposal, like the old, involves UMass-Dartmouth taking over the unaccredited Southern New England School of Law (SNESL), also in Dartmouth.  Accordingly, despite a recent Globe article’s bizarre contention, it would not in fact add to the number of law schools or lawyers in the state.  Some of the private accredited law schools have already voiced opposition to the proposal.We’ll have to watch where this proposal goes.

This gives me a good opportunity to remind you that because there isn’t a public option in Massachusetts, both UConn and UMaine Law Schools offer reduced (but not quite in-state) tuition to Mass. residents.


UPDATE from an alum who is currently enrolled in another state law school: Many public law schools are generous in their determinations of residency, allowing it even for first-year students.  It’s worth asking about it when you’re applying and/or making your final decisions about where to attend.