UMass Law vote next week

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the state Board of Higher Education will vote whether to approve the proposed public law school, taking over Southern New England School of Law in Dartmouth.  Public hearings were held yesterday in Worcester, with most of those testifying supporting the proposal.  The Boston Globe suggests that the Board is leaning towards approval:

In the board’s first public nod in favor of the public law school, a draft of a staff review recommended approval of the bid by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to acquire the nearby private Southern New England School of Law, which is donating its campus and assets to the state. The staff is expected to make a final recommendation, incorporating yesterday’s public testimony,  prior to the board’s Feb. 2 vote on the proposal.

If the proposal is approved, applicants will need to weigh the potential cost advantages of attending a public law school against the pitfalls of seeking a degree from a school that won’t seek provisional ABA approval until 2012.  Look for a longer discussion on these issues next week (assuming approval), as well as a possible visit from  SNESL/UMass Law admissions officials in coming weeks.  The school will be accepting applications for Fall 2010 admission.