Wait! Don’t go!

Just a few quick thoughts before the construction seals my office off from the rest of campus…

For those applying to law school next year:
The Pre-Law Advising Office is open throughout the summer.  I won’t have regular office hours, but I am available to meet with you by appointment (no extra charge for the awe-inspiring close-up views of excavators at work).  And of course, you can always shoot me an email with questions or a draft of your personal statement. If you’re still not sure whether to apply during your senior year, or to take some some time off first, click through here for some things to consider.

For those on your way to law school in the Fall:
Congratulations (again) and good luck with the transition! If you have remaining questions about your choice of school, financial aid or scholarships, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me.  If you’d like to connect with other UMass Amherst students headed to your law school, please feel free to use the Facebook page to connect.  I am happy to start threads for particular schools, if there is interest.  (I cannot, of course, divulge other students’ plans without explicit permission to do so.)

If you haven’t already, please join the LinkedIn group for UMass grads who are lawyers, law students or merely considering legal careers.  Join with almost 400 other UMass alums and current students who are connecting with one another for information, referrals and more.  (NOTE: This group is really for all of you, not just those of you headed to law school in the Fall.)

For those planning to apply in a future year (or just considering it):
My services are available to alums on the same basis as current students.  Contact me any time for information and advice or to make an appointment. If you’re leaving the Amherst area, we can schedule a phone appointment.  You might also want to read my website page on taking time off before law school.

For all of you:
Thanks for a great academic year!  Looking forward to working with all of you in the future.  And I’m especially looking forward to hosting all of you soon-to-be-alums when you come back to campus to see the results of the construction that has been the hallmark of your time here.  I know it’s gonna be great!