What’d I miss? First half of July 2014

An occasional roundup of all our social media posts, reposts, shares and retweets since our last roundup.

“[C]ommunications, relationship building, and service orientation, are paramount to an attorney continuing to have an engaging and successful career. It is astounding that they are not taught in law school. . ..”  The soft skills necessary for success in law.

Pace Law School Open House July 31.

What to do about that disappointing June LSAT score.

What’s the diversity statement, and how should you make the best use of it? 

More on why law school might be a better option than it’s been the past few years (complete with caveats).

Pix from our first UMass Amherst Legal Alumni gathering in Boston.

Thomas Cooley Law won’t enroll 1Ls at its Ann Arbor campus this fall.

The Boston Globe gives an update on enrollments at Massachusetts law schools.

Decide your future via an online quiz! No, not really.  But get some ideas of which legal fields might be right for you.

Apply to a position in the UMass Student Government Association Judiciary.

June LSAT takers down 9.1%.  What does it mean for application volume? Maybe fewer apps, maybe more people taking the test in September.  Hard to tell as yet.

Safe Passage and the Northwestern District Attorney’s office are hiring two Domestic Violence Intervention Project advocates.

If you don’t understand your educational debt, there are many companies who will be happy to take advantage of you.

Wall Street Journal interviews lawyer-alum Ken Feinberg about victim compensation funds and fairness.

Events in DC this summer for aspiring public interest lawyers.

Why you shouldn’t use famous quotes in your personal statement.

How not to appear arrogant in your personal statement.

A dramatic picture of the W.E.B. DuBois Library.