What’d I miss? Second half of July 2014

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Profiles of Bostonians focusing on their educational debt.

Executive power is kind of a big thing these days, what with the House of Representatives deciding to sue the President.  Good thing the Department of Political Science’s Alfange lecture in September is on that very topic!

A hackathon for justice? Yes, for real.  In Boston, next week. Hackcess to Justice.

Speaking of access to justice, or the lack thereof, state spending on indigent legal defense is down just about everywhere.

How to think about those big life choices without getting overwhelmed.

No surprise: law school enrollment continues its slump.

How to make your LSAT practice tests really work for you.

Is there a lawyer glut in Florida

Free access to crowd-sourced LSAT tips from high scorers.

Is law the only career with “an industry devoted to helping people quit”? Probably not.  But all the same, these are good insights about why people leave law. BigLaw at least.

More on the changes in the legal services industry, including growth in firms like LegalZoom, and new attacks on “unauthorized practice of law” restrictions.

Apprentice your way to a law job?  Maybe, with many caveats.

Wisdom from Adrienne Rich on claiming an education rather than just receiving one.

You’ve watched Orange is the New Black, and maybe you’ve even read it for the UMass NSO Common Read.  But what is it really like inside a women’s correctional facility? A visit inside the Chicopee women’s jail.