Why should you go to the Majors Fair?

Imagine for a minute that you’re an underclassman and you’re thinking about possibly going to law school at some point in the future. A stretch, perhaps, but I think you can do it.

Now imagine that you’re not really enjoying (or doing well in) your current major, but you think you need to stick with it because it’ll help you get into law school.

Or, imagine that you’ve heard that successful lawyers in [fill in a legal specialty] are significantly more successful if they major in [fill in a discipline].

Or, no, wait, try this one: imagine you like your major, but you’re also interested in other fields and you’re thinking of adding a second major.

Or imagine you’re, you know, undeclared.

Now, imagine a world in which your pre-law advisor tells you, “Study what you love!

And in which law school admission officers tell you, “All majors are welcome!

Finally, imagine a room filled with representatives of every department and program on campus, all eager to answer your questions about their major (or minor, or certificate program). Stroll the aisles, partake of the copious amounts of free candy, chat with friendly people, gather piles of glossy (and not-so-glossy) brochures.  Pretend you’re shopping for a new major.  Try one on in the luxurious fitting rooms….

Okay, there are no fitting rooms at the Majors Fair.  But Landscape Architecture does have the coolest scale models and the Stockbridge School always brings apples to give away, which balances out all that candy.

This Wednesday, 10/24, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Campus Center, Lower Level.

The Majors Fair.