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Law school application process

Law School Admission Council (LSAC)

The Law School Admission Council administers the LSAT and acts as the clearinghouse for all of your application materials (through the Credential Assembly Service, or CAS). is the second most important website (after this one, of course) for law school applicants.

Researching Law Schools

LSAC - Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools

Searchable database of all ABA-approved law schools, providing substantial data regarding admissions, employment, faculty and student body demographics, bar passage rates and more.

ABA Section of Legal Education - Placement Summary Report

Searchable database of most recently available employment data for all ABA-approved schools. Does not include salary information, but is otherwise pretty comprehensive.

Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers: Law Jobs By the Numbers

Customizable search engine for researching law school graduates' employment rates. Uses ABA employment data but allows you to reframe and view the data in a number of different ways.

Law School Transparency

Advocacy group whose aim is to make information about law school costs and employment data more readily accessible and comprehensible for individuals considering legal careers.

ABA Section of Legal Education - Pre-Law information and resources

The American Bar Association's Section of Legal Education offers a number of resources for researching legal education options, as well as advice on undergraduate preparation for law school.

ABA Section of Legal Education—Law School Statistics

A collection of useful statistics about ABA-accredited law schools, including post-grad employment, admissions, and student body demographics.

Researching Legal Careers

NALP Pre-Law Portal

NALP, the Association for Legal Career Professionals, is the primary source for information on trends in legal employment and the profession. They have prepared an excellent set of pages for applicants researching employment- and placement-related information.

Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook pages for lawyers

The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics analyzes the employment outlooks for a number of occupations each year, including lawyers and other law-related jobs.

I Am the Law

Podcast from Law School Transparency featuring interviews with lawyers in a wide variety of fields.

Financing Law School

FinAid: The SmartStudent(tm) Guide to Financial Aid

Excellent, comprehensive source of information on all types of higher education aid, including scholarships and loans.

Equal Justice Works - Guide to Student Debt Relief

The experts in student debt relief. Equal Justice Works is the most reliable and up to date source of information about debt repayment options.

FAFSA: Federal Student Aid Application

Law schools use the FAFSA to gather information relevant to aid determinations.


Developed by the Project on Student Debt, this site offers comprehensive information on income-based repayment of debt, including a calculator to help determine your eligibility.

Student Loan Borrower Assistance

Information and resources from the National Consumer Law Center on all your debt repayment options.

Community Foundation of Western Mass

Hundreds of scholarships available to students in or from Western Mass, for both undergrad and law/grad school.

Other Community Foundations in Massachusetts

A complete list of all community foundations in Massachusetts. Some, but not all, of these offer scholarships for higher education.

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The American Bar Association offers 20 3-year $15,000 scholarships to support racial and ethnic diversity in the legal profession.


A free online database of scholarships.

Diversity in the Legal Profession


A project of of the Law School Admission Council aimed at increasing diversity in the legal profession.

LatinoJustice Legal Education

New York-based organization aimed at increasing Latino representation in the legal profession.

National Association of Law Students with Disabilities

Resources, information and networking for individuals with disabilities who are applying to law school or in law school.

National Black Pre-Law Conference

National conference aimed at increasing the numbers of excellent, strategic and competitive African American law school applicants, students and graduates nationwide.

Future of Law

Educating Tomorow’s Lawyers

Consortium of law schools bringing a collaborative approach to innovating legal education. Many resources available on the future of the profession as well.

The Legal Whiteboard

Blog of Professors Bill Henderson, Jeffrey Lipshaw and Jerry Organ on the future of the legal profession.

NYC Bar Association Report (Fall 2013)

Report of the New York City Bar Association, "Developing Legal Careers and Delivering Justice in the 21st Century."

Law 2023

According to the site's About page: "Our efforts are predicated on the idea that the future practice of law will be shaped not by the industry, itself, but by powerful, outside economic and cultural forces - as has been the case for the media and healthcare industries. We are working towards an original model for the law firm of 2023, designed to succeed and provide outstanding client service in a radically different marketplace."

UMass Websites and Services

Dean of Students—disciplinary records

Contact the office of the Dean of Students to access your disciplinary record in order to respond to character and fitness questions.

Career Services

For assistance in researching and obtaining internships and post-graduate employment, and help with resumes, informational interviewing and networking.