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Guest post: Recent law grad (and UMass alum) shares some tough realities
A relatively recent law grad and UMass alum (ISOM, mid-2000’s) contacted me earlier this month with a desire to share with prospective law school applicants from UMass some of the harsh realities he’s faced as a new attorney in today’s economy.  I asked him to write up...
Reputation surveys in the US News rankings
Turns out that only about 646 academics, lawyers and judges determine 40% of each law school’s rank in US News (the reputation portion).  And only about 120 of those are actual lawyers.  Just to repeat: that means that 40% of a school’s rank is determined by just a handful of lawyers and...
Interview with Brian Leiter, law school rankings maven
I won’t hesitate to give you the most important take-away from this interview: Anyone who thinks that “top 14” demarcates a relevant category of law schools has already made a mistake!   ... but it’s worth reading the rest of the interview as well.   Brian Leiter is a professor...
Are lower ranked schools more innovative than their higher ranked peers?
It seems so, according to this observer.  One of his important points that bears repeating over and over again:  The rankings measure nothing remotely related to innovative or creative legal education methods.  Please keep that in mind as you compile your lists of schools to which you apply.
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