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Are lower ranked schools more innovative than their higher ranked peers?
It seems so, according to this observer.  One of his important points that bears repeating over and over again:  The rankings measure nothing remotely related to innovative or creative legal education methods.  Please keep that in mind as you compile your lists of schools to which you apply.
Law schools beginning to offer more practical skills training
Interesting article from the National Law Journal on a variety of new offerings at law schools to increase the marketability of their grads.  Certainly something to keep in mind as you are deciding which schools to apply to. Graduates face stiff competition for law firm positions, and clients are...
Applications to Law Schools Are Declining
From today’s New York Times:Applications to Law Schools Are DecliningFebruary 9, 2006By JONATHAN D. GLATERHas law school lost its appeal?Last year, for the first time since the 1997-98 admission cycle, the number of applicants to law school declined, by 4.6 percent, and so far this year, the number has...
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