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Guest post: Lawyer-alum Eric Morrell’s criminal law practice
Lawyer-alum Eric Morrell is eager to share his experiences with aspiring attorneys.  In this guest post, he talks about his career path, and starting and managing a law office in criminal law, as well as providing some advice for others.  Eric is happy to speak with UMass students...
Meet the Lawyers of “Meet the Law”
We’ve got a great group of lawyer-alums coming to campus next week for our “Meet the Law” speed networking event (Wednesday, 10/30 at 6:00 pm). Have you signed up yet? Do it now, before the event fills up! Check out all the bios right here. Nicholas Ferron (English ‘05, UConn Law ‘10) Associate,...
Firm size: From solo to BigLaw
A lot of attention in the mainstream media (and popular culture) gets focused on lawyers working in large firms (often referred to as “BigLaw”).