Fee waivers

Even if you don't qualify for an LSAC fee waiver, it's worth asking each individual school for an application fee waiver.

LSAC will grant fee waivers to applicants with demonstrated financial need. Information regarding the fee waiver application process can be found here. The application must be submitted very early in order to be considered, usually six weeks prior to the regular LSAT registration deadline.

Fee waivers are available for the following services: two LSATs during the two-year eligibility period, one CAS annual subscription (including four CAS law school reports and access to the letter of recommendation service), and the Official LSAT Superprep book. Fee waivers cannot be applied retroactively. The standard fee for these combined services is approximately $700.

LSAC fee waiver standards are significantly more stringent than many law schools’ standards. Many law schools will waive their application fees if you have been granted a fee waiver from LSAC, but many will also waive their application fees even if you do not qualify for LSAC’s waiver. You will find specific information about fee waivers on the website or in the application materials for each law school. (You may also receive unsolicited offers of fee waivers from law schools—these offers are not an indication of your chance of admission at those particular schools.)